Croatia Social Media Campaign #ExploreCroatia Case Study

The Goal:

The goal of the social media campaign for the Croatian National Tourism Board North America was twofold; primarily, to increase brand awareness on social media channels for the US market for which no targeted social media campaign has ever been done and also to educate the market on the destination by addressing some of the most asked traveler questions the tourism board registered.

Target Audience:

Target audience was identified as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram users with interest in travel.


The campaign blueprint included a seven day media trip for four bloggers to the destination to produce blog posts and live feed on social media channels under a unified hashtag, production of three promotional videos with set themes during the trip, and a twitter chat hosted by the bloggers after the trip. DQMPR has developed a seven day travel itinerary that mixed both well-known and lesser known destinations in Croatia, developed topics for the three promotional videos and partnered with iambassador to select four bloggers with slightly different online audiences to set on a media trip to the country. The bloggers each produced blog posts for their online sites during or post trip, and were posting live feed on their social media profiles while on the press trip. The #ExploreCroatia hashtag tied in all the bloggers social media content, creating a rich and diverse picture of Croatia.


Until September 2014, bloggers have posted more than 20 blog posts total on their online sites, generating a buzz about the destination with their avid followers. Three promotional videos, each about 1.5 min long have been edited and uploaded to Croatia Tourism You Tube channel. The chosen topics were road trip around Croatia, showcasing well known and lesser known locations in the country and the ease of driving through the destination. Second video focused on the diverse gastronomy while the third touched on the topic of original souvenirs from Croatia.

The social media activity under #ExploreCroatia hashtag generated 100.9 million opportunities to see on Twitter alone, reaching 3.4 million Twitter users globally in the period of June 15 - August 24, 2014. The campaign also kick-started the #ExploreCroatia hashtag on Instagram. The campaign team uploaded 275 images to Instagram, generating 20,807 likes. Instagram users took to the hashtag and are using it independently now generating additional 407 images to the date.

According to Brandseye, the #ExploreCroatia hashtag generated 100 million opportunities to see on Twitter which is equivalent to advertising spend of 2.3 million USD.

Explore Croatia Promotional Campaign Videos - Click on Photo to watch

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