Montreal Cuisine

The Goal:

Establish Montreal as a top of mind "Culinary Cuisine" destination.

DQMPR Roadmap/Strategy:

  • Target US travel and epicurean related media in the North East, and commence a proactive outreach, highlighting the nique Culinary Cuisine experience of Montreal.

  • Identify key gastronomic foods to be featured (wine, cheese, Jewish Food, etc.).

  • Host targeted media to discover the Montreal food scene.


  • Persuaded members of the press to participate in Gourmet overview of Montreal.

  • DQMPR secured editorial features about Montreal's culinary scene in major media outlets (The Washington Post, The New York Times, Gourmet Getaway, A Taste of Adventure, Delta Air Line's Sky Magazine, Wine Enthusiast).

  • DQMPR secured front to back coverage of Montreal and its Culinary Cuisine scene within the March 2006 publication of Gourmet Magazine.