Extraordinary Journeys Africa Case Study

The Goal:

Launch Extraordinary Journeys and obtain media coverage in order to increase sales, strengthen brand and build long term awareness.

DQMPR Roadmap/Strategy:

  • Targeted strategic print, broadcast and online outlets in the USA

  • Focus on key messages such as EJ Honeymoons, Volunteerism, and Specials to Africa

  • Set up appointments with journalists and travel agents in New York, LA, San Francisco and Boston

  • Arranged Press Trips including AOL Travel, Passport Magazine and the Wall Street Journal.


  • Obtained TV coverage on NY1, NBC The Today Show and generated over 40 articles/features in media such as Travel + Leisure, Food & Wine Magazine, Caviar Affair, AOL Travel, Sherman's Travel, Luxury Travel Advisor, Travel Agent Magazine, Huffington Post, Elite Traveler, Travel Weekly, About.com, Luxist, Town and Country and the Wall Street Journal!

  • Achieved coverage has an estimated editorial print value of $2,653,596 and $8,060,010 for online

  • Total print circulation: 8,529,037 and total online circulation: 130,051,620 monthly visitors

  • Referred agent proposals which resulted in several group bookings and repeat customers