Tourism Québec - Who Wants to be a Supermodel

Client: Québec Tourism Board
Outlet: Make Me a Supermodel (Bravo)
Subscribers: 2,000,000
Average Bravo first run prime time : 30 commercial cost: $10,000
Ad Value: $170,000
PR Value: $510,000

Situation Analysis:

Montréal is a UNESCO "City of Design", thanks to its stunning urban landscape and talented local artists and designers. Montréal Fashion Week is further proof of this designation; however, its popularity and global notoriety has only began growing over the past few years. Montréal Fashion Week wanted to increase its exposure in the US. Similarly, the Québec Tourism Board wanted to increase the amount of young people (ages 20 - 30) visiting Montréal, as their research showed that this demographic is the one which has seen an increase in travel, but is difficult to reach via travel magazines. Thus, the Québec Tourism Board sought to use Montréal Fashion Week as a way to connect with this younger, hip demographic through the promotion of fashion and design in Montréal.

Marketing Objectives:

Our marketing objectives were as follow:
- Elevate the status of Montréal Fashion Week to a level as close as possible as that of Paris, London, New York and Milan
- Obtain a Montréal feature in a national outlet showcasing Montréal Fashion Week
- Showcase Montréal as a design metropolis
- Increase tourism to Montréal, especially from a younger, fashion-forward demographic

Target Audience:

We wanted to reach a young, national consumer audience with a high potential for short term travel that is interested in fashion, pop-culture and design, and which might not read travel magazines or watch the Travel Channel.

Research Planning and implementation:

Given Bravo's success in reality TV, with a projected distribution of 70 million and shows like 'Project Runway', we determined that Bravo's 'Make Me a Supermodel' would reach our ideal demographic: young adults, fashion-conscious national audience which would be impressed with Montréal Fashion Week. We pitched the idea of filming an episode in Montréal during Montréal Fashion Week as a way to highlight local designers and give Montréal a trend-setting image. 'Make Me a Supermodel' loved the idea; we were lucky that the Producer/Director was Canadian and from Montréal.
We also provided ideas, suggestions, and selected the two designers who agreed to have models from 'Make Me a Supermodel' walk in their fashion show during Montréal Fashion Week 2009.

Our message was simple: Montréal is a hot and trendy city of culture, design and fashion easily accessible from New York.


A 30 minute episode of "Make Me a Supermodel" featuring Montréal Fashion Week aired on March 25th in 2009. The host announced that four models would get to walk in Montréal Fashion Week sporting clothes from local designers. The models selected had never been to Montréal before and were very excited. They even traveled by bus from New York to Montréal which showed how close the city is from the States, even though it's in Canada. The models were paired with two different local designers from Montréal who, after a brief trial run, were chosen to walk the runway during Montréal Fashion Week. The episode mentions Montréal/Montréal Fashion Week around 13 times and has 8:29 commercial-free minutes devoted to Montréal Fashion Week. Additionally, there was a lot of local and national coverage in Canada for the client which was great as Canada is its number one market.


The budget for the filming of the show was about $30,000. We covered transportation and lodging for the crew. In return it generated $510,000 in PR value (17x our initial investment). Montréal Fashion Week saw an increase in visitation to their website following the show and had an increased request from fashion buyers from the US the following year. An editor from a national fashion magazine also contacted us after seeing the show and featured Montréal in the magazine the following year.